Polyester Staple Fibre

These Polyester Fibres are available in various specifications and dimensions. The cut length which is available that is from 32 to 102 (mm).  All colors are available according to customers specifications. These Polyester Fibres are highly demanded across multitude of industries.



Some Major Polyester Fiber Uses

  • Apparel: Every form of clothing
  • Home Furnishings: Carpets, curtains, draperies, sheets and pillow cases, wall coverings, and upholstery
  • Other Uses: hoses, power belting, ropes and nets, thread, tire cord, auto upholstery, sails, floppy disk liners, and fiberfill for various products including pillows and furniture


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Fiber Type: Staple
  • Tenacity: 5CN/dtex-5.7CN/dtex
  • Style: Solid
  • Grade: Recycled
  • Use: Filling Material, Non-Woven Fabric, Spinning, padding
  • Fiber Length: 32—102mm
  • Fineness: 2D—6D
  • Place of Origin Pakistan

Also produce according to buyer’s detailed requirements

High strength

Heat resistance

Wear resistance

Good elasticity

Low moisture regain

With high tenacity for the usage of spinning

With low defects for the usage of non-woven fabric;

With high elasticity for the usage of padding

The point, on the basis of good quality ,

We offer our factory’s bottom cost price for our clients for the long term

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Polyester Fiber Characteristics

    • Strong
    • Resistant to stretching and shrinking
    • Resistant to most chemicals
    • Quick drying
    • Crisp and resilient when wet or dry
    • Wrinkle resistant
    • Mildew resistant
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Retains heat-set pleats and crease
    • Easily washed